When saddler Karl Seeger founded his small workshop for luggage in the middle of the leather city of Offenbach am Main, the center of German Leather Craftsmanship, he subordinated his craft under the pursuit of perfection. Only the use of the finest materials and not surpassing craftsmanship fulfilled his motto ” to be the best. among the good ” Following the fidelity to this principle, one of the oldest leather goods manufacturer in the world had developed into a world-renowned luxury brand. Until today SEEGER stands for finest leather goods.

It needs great experience, innovation and care, to create bags and small leather goods. A bag made by SEEGER can contain up to 250 individual parts. Each is carefully checked and processed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. Over 120 years of combined experience in traditional leather craft with modern technology allow contemporary design and exclusive craftsmanship.

The expectations of a SEEGER product commit to utmost responsibility. Experts count themselves among the intimates of the virtues of master craftsmanship. These are the characteristics of discretion – a classic, elegant design – of exclusivity – the selection of high quality leather – and of perfection – the quest for uncompromising quality combined with traditional craftsmanship that stand for the brand.