On 11 November 1889, the saddler Karl Seeger founded a workshop for travel bags in Offenbach Geleitstraße (downtown) which were initially sold mainly in neighboring Frankfurt. Due to growing demand the craft shop expanded and moved seven years later to new premises in Offenbach’s Kaiserstrasse, opposite the headquarters of the rival “Goldpfeil”.

1905 Frederick Emmerling initially joint as partner and became the sole owner of the company later on. He assigned Ludwig Enders with the design of products for the company. 1923 the founder Karl Seeger died. In 1930. Emmerling asked his son in law Fritz Johl to join the company. At the World Fair (EXPO) of 1937 in Paris and 1958 in Brussels products of Seeger were awarded gold medals. The sons of Fritz Johl, Fred and Armin, took over the company in 1971 and moved the company headquarters to the Offenbach district of Bieber-Waldhof.

Seeger was supplying shops all over the world with luxury leather goods and became one of the most famous brands in the world. In 1992 the owners sold the company to “Montblanc Leather GmbH” in Hamburg. Some time later Montblanc took the brand name Seeger from the market but production remained for another 17 years at Offenbach. On March 10th, 2009 Montblanc announced to shut down the facility in Offenbach and to move the production to Florence. However, the facilities were not moved eventually and in June 2009, a Luebeck based holding company bought the brand “Karl Seeger” back from “Montblanc Leather GmbH”. The company was then continued under the traditional name “Karl Seeger Lederwarenmanufaktur GmbH”.

Today, the brand is in the hands of “Seeger Lederwaren International Ltd.” and the new owners will do their best to continue the tradition and the philosophy of the SEEGER brand.